[MODDED] Heart’s Medicine Doctor’s Oath MOD (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperGameHouse Original Stories
Requirements4.4 and up
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Heart’s Medicine – Doctor’s Oath – Doctor Game Video


MOD Features

Unlimited Money

Heart’s Medicine – Doctor’s Oath – Doctor Game Description

Heart’s Medicine Doctor’s Oath explores the trials of trainee Allison Heart. She struggles to impress Dr. Ermey, but it seems like he does not favor her at all and is even threatening her with expulsion from becoming a doctor if she doesn’t do better in practice. Consequently, when a patient arrives that has an unknown disease no one knows how to cure they work together as hard as they can.

You are a medical intern following the rules of your contract and performing duties for patients. You have to help them get their health back with treatments such as bandaging wounds, giving flu shots, or taking blood pressure readings. This game will follow you through every day at work in order to ensure that authenticity is maintained throughout its gameplay experience!

It is a great game for nurses. Nurses are always looking for new ways to keep their jobs fresh. Sometimes the only way is an adventure outside of work, but that’s not always feasible with a busy schedule and family commitments at home.

Nurses will be able to go through 240 levels in six different locations – all from the comfort of their own desk seats. Each level has challenges ranging from easy-to-moderate difficulty which can help nurses build up confidence so they’re ready for anything when coming back into clinical care after working hard away from patients during breaks or vacations.

Heart’s Medicine Doctor’s Oath has a 2D platform game with strong visual appeal. Detailed and expressive characters, backgrounds, animations are amazing to see on screen. The bright color scheme mixed in animation makes up for the lack of complex graphics enabling you to focus more time solving puzzles instead of admiring the artwork! Heart’s Medicine Doctor’s Oath is a simple yet eye-catching video game built around its beautiful presentation style rather than advanced graphics or gameplay features.

The storylines that loop in each level require concentration and focus which has helped me get more stuff done at work. It’s also fun because you can earn coins by watching ads or completing tasks while playing without feeling like it is just another chore on your already busy schedule!

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