[MODDED] Gunspell 2 – Match 3 Puzzle RPG MOD (Skull Killed Enemy)

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Requirements4.4 and up
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Skull Killed Enemy

Gunspell 2 – Match 3 Puzzle RPG Description

There are many games in the market nowadays, and you can play any of them. If you are one of a kind who likes to play puzzle-solving games, you can play the amazing games right now. There are many games in the market nowadays, and some are there in which you can solve a particular puzzle in the game. These games generally have a word RPG in them and are enjoyable to play. These games are very user-friendly, and anyone can play them. Such a game is Gunspell 2 – R P G Game.

Gunspell 2: R P G Game is a very great RPG puzzle game with many features like it has magic, guns, and an amazing multiplayer option in the game. We can prove ourselves or challenge anyone using the gems and jewels present in the game. To play these types of games, you should play Gunspell 2 – R P G Game.

There are many features in the game, but the game’s key features are that it has different worlds of adventurous scenes, and there are also multiple assets present. It has a feature to collect different unique heroes, powerful items, dark magic, and guns. We can win battles in the game to gain rank. The rank also increases while playing the multiplayer option. There is always a fascinating, mysterious event waiting for us to solve the puzzles given to us at different game levels. There are mainly two types of characters present in the game – the demons and the dragons. We can also use the combined power of gems and jewels to defeat our opponents and solve the puzzles.

The jewels present in the game store magical power, and also, some skulls can be used to damage directly to our opponents. The matches are played on a hexagonal board filled with different items such as skulls, gems, and jewels. To increase the rank, we need to fight in real-time based battles and defeat the opponents. The time story not only tells us about Gunspell adventures but also quests of also other heroes.

Every hero present in the game has different abilities, which we can use to find items, spells to cast and other different things. Every jewel holds one mana, and each combination produces additional effects like a cross, adjacent, opposite etc. We should equip our heroes with the best possible equipment and not forget to use these powers of the different characters. We should collect the shards of heroes and items to unlock and level them, which is directly proportional to the increase in rank of the user in the game.

The game is very different from a normal RPG puzzle in many aspects; it will keep the users engaged much longer than everyone expects. The graphics of the game is okish type and can be customised to much better quality, and also the sound effects are not up to the level. It also can be improved.

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