[MODDED] Guild of Heroes: Magic RPG | Wizard game MOD 1.139.8 (Unlimited Recharge)

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Requirements5.0 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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Unlimited Recharge

Guild of Heroes: Magic RPG | Wizard game Description

Enter a world where you choose your hero and fight to the death against all kinds of monsters. As an RPG gameplay, Guild of Heroes’ endless challenges will have you slaying down anything that comes at with your mighty sword, collecting amazing gears along the way for better performance in combat! Alongside this exciting game play are plentiful opportunities to develop yourself as a player by taking on various paths; each one leading towards different skillsets from crafting weapons or potions – there is something new waiting around every corner!

In addition to these fun features come plenty more like uncovering sources behind chaos throughout its narrative-driven story line which can be experienced through gripping cutscenes full of thrilling action set pieces.

The world in this game is a desolate landscape, strewn with the remains of war. The sky darkens and becomes tinted an unhealthy red as you pass by burnt out buildings that were once homes to many people now gone, you will feel as if death surrounds this place like ghosts surrounding their own grave site. Just as you believe things couldn’t get any worse for our hero (main character in the game), they find themselves caught in battle between two powerful foes: a mage and a dark wizard. The dark wizard casts a spell which makes our hero lose all his powers which he worked on for years to achieve.

– You’ll love exploring the vast and explorable world of this awesome RPG as you take on missions, collect items and unlock your hero’s abilities.

With a vast array of weaponry and armor, I am sure Guild of Heroes will satisfy any player’s need for variety. From items found in the store or created by you, there is no shortage to choose from!

Imagine the feeling of freedom as you explore a huge battlefield with your fellow Guild members. You are free to unleash all that lays within, while interacting and getting special privileges only for those in the guild. Challenge other guilds in epic wars! What an epic game this is? Try out yourself by downloading it today.

Overall I love the game but there is one issue with this new version. The issue with this new version is that just getting any one weapon fully upgraded can take forever – not counting abilities which require even more grinding. The old system was so much better since our weapons could be maxed out in about half an hour or less if done right; now it’s near impossible unless they change some stuff up like making certain items cheaper/easier to get instead of requiring thousands upon millions of stones for something as simple as increasing HP by 1%. I hope developers look into this imbalance and improve it.

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