[MODDED] Guild of Heroes: Magic RPG | Wizard game MOD (Unlimited Recharge)

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Requirements4.4 and up
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Guild of Heroes – Europe is known for its Nordic mythologies and illustrious folk tales. Surely, as a child, you heard fairy tales through your mother’s words as well. Inform the wicked and cunning goblins that they must always harm innocent people. And today, we’ll see them again in Guild of Heroes, a fantasy role-playing game reminiscent of the classics. Not only goblins, but also fierce monsters and their bosses appear in the legend. Are you prepared to face off against the Guild of Heroes?



Guild of Heroes is set in an ancient fantasy universe during the devil’s invasion. Everywhere, scenes of assassination and devastation of this force are taking place. Humans are attempting to conceal themselves because their power is insufficient to resist these demons. You are a god’s boy, having inherited the noble lineage’s strength and bravery. Now, only you have the ability to revolt, drive those demons to hell, and restore harmony to the world.




Joining the Guild of Heroes puts you in the role of a hero; then, when you complete missions, the system will lead you around. The game features over 25 locations, ranging from thick woods to mysterious dungeons to dark caves. Each field is a battleground filled with countless threats, and powerful bosses reign supreme. You must beat them in order to access the quest sequence and the subsequent map. Simultaneously, when battling evil powers, you must continuously update your hero, obtain equipment, acquire new skills and spells, etc.

In terms of power, you can now make a move by simply touching the screen, rather than using the virtual button. Additionally, at the bottom of the screen is an interface containing a variety of fighting skills and operations; all you have to do is press one to initiate an attack. The control section’s architecture is very intuitive and simple to use. Additionally, the system supports auto-play, which means that if you want to hang up, you can simply switch on this mode to have monsters attack you automatically.


In role-playing games such as Guild of Heroes, characters are often meticulously crafted. To begin, their appearance is that of an ancient warrior, dressed in simple battle suits often made of cloth or iron armour. Each has its own equipment and levelling system. When engaged in combat and killing monsters, the character’s level will automatically increase. Simultaneously, bosses can drop rare and valuable items, which you can collect to equip your character. Each character is classified as a warrior, a witch, or a marksman. Characters from various classes can evolve differently, most importantly in terms of fighting abilities, appearance, and attire.


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