[Modded] Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival MOD 4.1.4 (Free Craft)

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Requirements5.0 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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MOD Features

  • Free Craft

Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival Description

Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival is an MMORPG game and is truly mind blowing. It has an amazing storyline and character archs that will let you be immersed in the game for hours on an end. Your main mission in this game is to save the Plaguelands which has been ravaged by zombies and other monsters turning the inhabitants into ever wandering souls. You have to kill all those monsters and zombies. Also, not all enemies will be alive as you might have expected. Some of the monsters are cursed and they are invisible. You will have to use special spells in order to annhiliate them.

There are many other types of monsters and each of them will need specific types of weapons in order to kill them. The game is not only about blindly killing hordes of monsters. It is also about strategizing since if you don’t do that the monsters will attack the safehouses and kill the remaining inhabitants of Plagueland. For maximum safety of your houses you need to build them with appropriate defense mechanisms and keep bodyguards such that they can neutralize any threats. At first your shelter will be very fragile and you need to keep an eye on them. If you ever feel that the game is too difficult then you can always adjust the difficulty in the settings menu. However, as million of users are already playing it and finding it enjoyable it is evident that the game is not that difficult.

Weapons as like any other MMORPG game are very crucial in this game. The interesting twist however is the fact that you need to craft your own unique weapons. Remember, most of these weapons will be of the medieval era. Crafting your own weapons means you can customize it to however you want. There is also a cool benchmarking tool in this game that lets you test your new weapons and see if they are any better than the traditional ones. You could also take inspiration from any of your friends who are also playing the game. Although, due to the game being so popular the developers are constantly adding new weapons and also letting you customize even more. You can even unlock premium customization by doing some in-app purchases.

Not only your enemies but hunger, cold, and even diseases can kill you in this game. You always need to keep track of the health bar and seek for health boosters if it is rapidly dropping. Always remember that Plagueland has very harsh environmental conditions and even the best of soldiers have a very hard time surviving in it. You need to be ultra fit in order to complete your ultimate mission.

Clans are also here in this game and you need to join one in order to improve your chances of winning the game. There are also clan wars but in my opinion they are not that fun. So no point discussing them.

You will also need to be a bit of a detective in this game in order to properly strategize. There are some hidden letters and scrolls in this game that you will need in order to learn about the history of Plagueland. Honestly, speaking these will lead you some side quests but it is also true that you will not be able to complete the game entirely if you don’t play those side quests. Also, the side quests are much more interesting than the clan wars.

The graphics of the game is amazing and we are sure that you will not be disappointed. It is heavily artistic which really takes you right into Plagueland. This is what really impresses me. The sound effects are also artificial but they are awesome and makes the game much more enjoyable.

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