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If you are tired of paying Microsoft a subscription fee every month then Google Docs is the perfect alternative for you. You might think that it will not have all the features of Microsoft Word but trust me you don’t need all those glitzy features for your day to day work. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean that Google Docs will have less features. It has all the features you need. The biggest advantage of Google Docs is that it is free. Other big advantage that it has is the feature that lets you connect it to Google Drive and as we all know Google Drive gives you 15 GB for free with each Google account. If you opt to use that feature then you have already solved your storage problem, considering that you don’t use Google Drive heavily for some other purposes.

Another cool feature that I personally use a lot is the one that lets you share a public link to your document with anyone. You simply can copy the link and share it wherever you want. While we are discussing that I would also like to mention the fact that you can collaborate with your team on a particular document. What I mean by collaboration here is that you can see what changes are your teammates making to the document, editing with them while also adding comments on a particular edit and much more. You will also have access to an edit history which you can pull up anytime and restore the document to its previous versions. There are many other nifty tricks that gives a huge advantage to Google Docs over any of its competitors.

One more important feature which I would like to talk about is that the changes are saved automatically. Also, it saves your changes even when your internet connection is interrupted. This is one of the nicest features in my opinion.

Google also added some more features like the addition of Dark mode in their Android app which is a must nowadays. They have improved the UI little bit which is always a welcome. You can also edit your existing docs with this app and you don’t have to worry about file types since it supports almost all of the common file types.

I have personally used this app for many months now and one thing which I would like to mention is the fact that it is very simple to work with. You really don’t have to invest hours to understand it’s UI which is lacking in many of other Office type apps. All the features are easy to access and you don’t have to dig deep into any of the settings for it to access. One good thing about this app is that it does many of the things automatically for you. Overall it is a great app and it is highly recommended for anyone who is constantly working on documents.

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