[MODDED] Gallery: Coloring Book & Decor MOD (Unlimited Coins)

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DeveloperBeresnev Games
Requirements4.4 and up
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Painting is one of the greatest human desires. Even as children, people knew how to draw, even though their drawings were not particularly beautiful. Certain individuals with legitimate talent and a dedication to practise will rapidly grow into great artists. Mia is a girl who is held to a high standard by her family. She has, however, pursued her painting career since she was a teenager. The storey you’re looking for is Gallery: Coloring Book by Number & Home Decor. The game will include beautiful paintings, decorated homes, and many other examples of her talent.



Coloring Book has written a storey about the dream of a young child. She is a talented illustrator who aspires to make a living in this field. However, the early years of her life were difficult because not everyone accepted her work as an artist. That is why the dream was abandoned and she was forced to work in a mundane office job.


However, ever since she had a boyfriend – Leo, this girl’s heart has changed for the better. She desired to fulfil her childhood ambition of becoming a great artist. After much deliberation, this young woman left her secure job to follow the artist’s direction. This was a risky step, but it restored this girl’s sense of self-worth. Players will take on the role of Mia as she embarks on her quest to become a successful artist. Is your dream deep and talented enough to generate revenue?



To be honest, this is a game, which means that the paintings you’ll be colouring are the works of the world’s most talented artists. These individuals are members of the Beresnev Games design team. They are extremely active and consistently deliver highly regarded works. This is an ideal setting for the patient to demonstrate his or her desire to feel art while also enjoying moments of stress relief provided by colouring.


Along with the images that you can colour, the game features a unique gameplay style. Additionally, players can interact with the game through the Simulator mode. As a result, it provides a virtual atmosphere, a world in which you can live out your passion. This game’s graphic design is user-friendly. All has the appearance of an animated film with vibrant colours. However, the rooms are extremely realistic in design. Hopefully, you enjoy the game’s true art!


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