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We all have played different types of games in our childhood and also some of us are still playing it now also. We have played games of different categories like racing games, gun combat action games, cricket games, football games, battle royale games, and many other games, but still, some of us had not played games of treasure hunting of minerals and other different resources.

The game I am going to talk about is ExoMiner Idle Adventure Game. The game is about roaming in space, searching for minerals and resources using a space strategy. The game user will travel to different planets where he will be greeted, and there he will find unique minerals and resources. Then, the user will take their ship to the planet. He will extract the minerals and use the technology and technique; they will develop humanity and colonization of humans on different planets.

The game is very interesting and one of its kind, making it popular among users. The game is available for free in the Play Store and App Store, which is the main reason for being popular. The game controls are very easy to use and maneuver, and anyone who has previously played games can easily play them and have fun.

There are tutorials present in the game so that everyone can learn the game’s controls. We all thought that when we were children, we thought of conquering different planets and travelling to different planets and knowing about them. This game will give you a similar experience about that only, and everyone will like it as it is the first in this segment.

You have to travel to every planet and leave a mark on every planet you travel to see that there is a mark of humanity so that everyone can remember you easily. You have to search for lives on different planets and make them build a new civilization.

You have to create modern life Changing technology that history will remember of humanity. The game’s mission is to craft valuable items, build a mining empire as it is given in the name of the game itself, explore different planets, and find new technologies.

The graphics of the game are okish type and can be improved to a much better extent, and also the sound effects of the game are okish type and can be improved to a much better quality. There are more than sixty-eight-plus ores present in the game, and you have to find them and complete the mission.

Then you can sell this item and earn money to upgrade different things you want to. This was my review about the ExoMiner Idle Adventure Game, and it was my personal opinion about the game and how I felt while playing the game for the first time.

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