[MODDED] Escape Titanic MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Requirements2.3 and up
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Unlimited Money

Escape Titanic Description

Why Titanic sank?

There are many interesting theories on what contributed to the sinking of the titanic but I would like to discuss an interesting one. If you look through the page of history it’s easy to see how David Blair was the luckiest man on board. After all he had managed to step off of one sinking ship and onto another – with his keys still in hand. It would be later discovered that binoculars may have helped them spot and dodge the iceberg and help prevent the disaster; but we will never know for sure what might have happened if only this lucky fellow hadn’t forgotten about those keys laying at home!

The Titanic story is always intriguing because there are missed opportunities everywhere you turn: even as far back as when they were building the boat itself (you could say she sunk long ago). The great thing about stories like these is that it forces you on thinking over the countless possibilities that might have led to the disaster. Nobody knows and nobody ever will but it will keep us intrigued for the ages to come.

The Titanic is sinking, and you are one of the few people who can escape. There’s only enough room for a handful of people on your small lifeboat, so will you be able to save yourself? In this game by App Holdings, you’ll have to solve puzzles in order to collect items that would help you survive in harsh conditions. You’ll need food, water, and shelter if you want any chance at escaping alive!

The puzzles in this game are quite difficult, but you can always use a hint if the going gets too tough. You’ll need to be clever in order to make it out alive though!

Will you escape? Or will your story end at the bottom of the icy ocean’s abyss?

You also need to help other passengers to find a way way to escape with you!

Time is limited in this puzzle game, so you’ll have to be quick. You are racing against the clock, but you can restart a level if you need to.

Features of the game

  • Many different puzzles to solve
  • Different items that you can collect
  • A hint system if you are struggling with a level
  • You have limited time! So be quick. But you can restart levels too, so don’t fret.
  • Unlock more characters that might help you in solving the puzzles.

I’m so glad that I was able to find this game! It’s really fun and always keeps me on my toes. From the graphics, challenges, music – everything is perfect for a challenging but enjoyable gaming session!


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