[MODDED] Escape Titanic MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Requirements2.3 and up
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Can you make it off the Titanic before it sinks? Join the over three million fans who have already taken on the escape game challenge.


Prepare to face the ultimate test of wits, cunning, and speed in this rare adventure puzzler. Each scene is unique, so expect the unexpected as you race to escape the world’s most notorious ocean liner.


Pinch, twist, press, and swipe your way through ingenious room-puzzle challenges.


Escape the Titanic is a RISK-FREE application. Although the first chapter is available for free, there is a one-time fee required to access the epic FULL edition.



Do you need any assistance, but not the solution? Not to worry; unlocking the game contains all Hints that include additional information in the game. If you’re still stumped, there are several additional options.


Demonstrate your ability to outwit, outrun, and outmanoeuvre any challenge. Best of luck!




• 50 clever puzzles; no two alike

• Difficult levels with built-in hint system • Hidden items assist you in escaping



Amazing tales from the final moments of the Titanic.


Three minutes before the boat sunk, survivor E. Z. Taylor of Philadelphia jumped into the water. He related a graphic tale about his journey from Carpathia.


“There was a tremendous shock that shook the boat from stem to stern. For a time, I was unaware of what had occurred,” Taylor explained. “I felt the boat rise, and she seemed to be riding across the ice.


“There was a veritable sea of ice in front of us, and the boat was shaking. I leapt into the sea and was rescued by one of the warships. I never anticipated seeing land again.”


A Colonel Is Killed Along with the Ship

Col. Archibald Gracie of the United States of America went down with the ship and later recounted how he survived when a wave washed over him just before the ship’s final plunge.


“I jumped alongside the wave,” he said. “By a stroke of good fortune, I grabbed the railing on the deck above and clung to it. As the ship sank, I was forced to let go and was tossed around in circles for what felt like an eternity.”


Col. Gracie and another man in the water saw a floating life raft and struggled to approach it.


“We then started the process of saving those who had jumped into the sea and were adrift,” he said.


Col. Gracie reported that at the break of dawn, 30 survivors were knee-deep in ice water on the raft, urging those in the water to stay away to avoid collapsing their flimsy boat.


“The hours leading up to our being picked up by the Carpathia were the longest and most agonising of my life.”


A Man Sacrifices His Life for the Sake of His Wife

Col. Gracie was particularly impressed by the actions of millionaire New Yorker Col. John Jacob Astor, who worked tirelessly to save his young bride, Miss Force of New York, who was in poor health.


Col. Astor asked permission to accompany Miss Force as she was lowered into the lifeboat for her own safety.




“No, sir,” answered the second officer, “not a single man shall board a boat until all the women have disembarked.” Col. Astor then asked as to the amount of the boat being lowered away and proceeded to clear the other vessels, Col. Gracie explained.


Col. Astor made the ultimate sacrifice to save his bride.


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