[MODDED] Elona Mobile MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Requirements4.4 and up
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Welcom in diabolical territory! Explore and let the imagination run wild!


Elona Mobile is a roguelike role-playing game. Its open-world nature and intricate system can initially be perplexing, but will undoubtedly captivate you sooner or later! There are no automatic controls and no repeated kills. There is nothing but utter pleasure in discovering and expanding.


All started with a shipwreck. You boarded a ship to avoid the mutations caused by Etherwind, but unfortunately ran into a storm. You awoke in North Tyris, a strange and dangerous land where you’re about to embark on an exciting adventure and encounter every type of life you might imagine—warrior committed to world preservation, travelling pianist, or simply a merry farmer who loves fishing and planting. You have access to 11 races and ten classes!




Prepare for Dungeon Crawling

On your quest to seal victories and unearth dungeon treasures, you’ll need to combine and upgrade various pieces of weapons, upgrade abilities and feats, and even recruit roadside NPCs and monsters for assistance.


Create the Life of Your Dreams

If you want to be a farmer, a chef, or a business tycoon, Elona allows you to carve your own course and experience a variety of lifestyles.


Develop Your Individuality

Without judges or moral constraints, you can be whoever you want to be—a hospitable person or a ruthless marauder!


Character Development for Free

You have a choice of 11 races and 15 grades! Snail tourist, goblin pianist… Create your own legend by living your own life!


100+ Strange Discoveries

Horses produce eggs! Pantyhose are lethal weapons! Consume toilet water to improve your numbers!


Unexpected Occurrences and Turns

Explore an infinite number of roguelike dungeons in search of unexpected riches


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