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Doctor Dash : Hospital Game Description

With the increase in number of people giving up to sedentary lifestyle and the increase in consumption of processed food that are full of chemicals and preservatives, diseases arising from extreme inflammation in the body has shot up and due to the fact that our body hardly shows any signs of inflammation at early levels, things are acknowledged only when they get extremely worse or give rise to some chronic diseases like diabetes or blood pressure.

With all of this taking place, hospitals have started getting overloaded and there are a number of patients that are longing for treatments but are unable to get it due to the limited number of doctors and hospital resources, the game we will be talking about today requires you to build a hospital and manage everything so that the patients do not suffer because of latency or unavailability of a specialized doctor.

Doctor Dash: Hospital Game mod APK is the one we would be laying our focus on in this article. This game is a great game where you will learn a lot about how the hospitals work and you will also acknowledge the pain and suffering that people go through while their loved ones lives are at risk. The game provides an insight into the practical reality of hospitals, you will get to learn a lot and subsequently the player is required to make changes and bring reforms in the interest of the people.

In this game you will be owning a multispeciality hospital, the thing about multispeciality hospitals is that they have reserved departments that deal with each of the prime functionalities like the cardiologist deals with the heart, the gastroenterologist deals with the digestive disorders and so on and so forth. Having different clinics for different specialized problems is actually a great way to segregate the patients and reduce the load on the doctor, this also prevents too much of crowd and thus prevents the spread of certain air borne diseases.

You will be working for a noble cause in this game, this will become your motivation overtime and while this doesn’t guarantee that you won’t face hiccups, it certainly guarantees a peace of mind. Working towards giving good health to people is surely going to affect your happiness in a very positive way.

Doctor Dash mod APK has a lot of functionalities, you will constantly need to upgrade the hospital in all the areas like management, devices, and doctors. You will have to build trust among people so that even the doctors start perceiving it as a safe place to practice. Hospitals are often just businesses cashing out on people’s helplessness, your aim is to destroy all such hospitals just by your own good work.

The game gives you a lot of opportunities and you will never be out of resources, just be patient and work as hard as possible although you will need to delegate a lot of things to other people. You just have to keep all the things right in place so that your patients do not suffer. You will also have to setup up diagnostic centers so that people can get all their tests done without the need to go anywhere else. This will greatly increase the convenience factor for the patients and will also save them a lot of their time.

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