[Modded] Dino Quest MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Dino Quest: Dig & Discover Dinosaur Game Fossils Video


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Unlimited Money

Dino Quest: Dig & Discover Dinosaur Game Fossils Description

Dino Quest is a prehistoric dinosaur game to dig fossils. The game is meant to give you the feel of adventure and fun. This game is based on the time where dinosaurs were still there and no matter how they looked, they were one hell of an animal, they were so humongous and so giant that the modern-day people would have looked like a small ant.

This game requires you to explore different places in the world, it is surely adventurous and once you get your first fossil, you will love digging up more and more of it. Dino Quest is a pretty simple game, the controls are quite easy and you will face no problems in navigating through different options, digging up fossils might be hard in real life but here, you don’t need to worry because digging up a particular space is just one tap away. Tap it and it gets dug right away, however, it doesn’t mean that digging is easy because the area might be huge and you might end up hurting your thumbs by tapping too much.

Any fossil that you will find will be taken and kept in your museum, the more you dig, the more fossils you find, it is indeed that simple. You will also get coins in this game while digging up and to be very honest, it feels rewarding enough. This game brings in a whole new experience of dinosaurs and adventure games. You just need enough so that you can gather more and more fossils for your own museum. You can check your museum whenever you want to, it serves as a reminder of your achievements and thus makes you happy, it also motivates you to find even more fossils and increase your collection.

Dino Quest offers a lot of functionality, it also has a puzzle mode where you dig out the fossils of different types of these dinosaurs. You have to collect the fossils in such a way that it completes the whole of a dinosaur. You get game coins as a reward that you can use to buy better dig tools. Better dig tools are surely an advantage because they not only help you in digging faster but are also quite efficient and time-saving.

A good digging tool is a boon for the players. As you find the required number of fossil spots, you will get to unlock other parts in the map and explore them as well, the more you unlock, the more adventurous things get. The best thing about this game is that you don’t have too many ads popping on your face, ads annoy a lot and they actually hamper your concentration levels.

Moreover, this game is offline and you don’t need an active internet connection to play it, if you are someone who loves to spend time alone, this game is a perfect companion, you simply don’t need anyone and you can enjoy it while you are on the go or while you are sitting alone. The graphics are something that can be improved, the scope of improvement is quite huge there and better graphics will surely make it more engaging and fun to play.

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