[MODDED] Dark Riddle 2 – Story Mode MOD 13.0.0 (Unlimited Money)

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Requirements4.4 and up
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Unlimited Money

Dark Riddle 2 – Story mode Description

Dark Riddle 2 – Story Mode is a first-person puzzle game with thriller elements and contains an interactive setting. Additionally, players will interact with an intriguing cast of secondary characters as the stunning game’s storyline unfolds. Throughout the city, the player must perform missions and solve puzzles to advance in the game’s storey. In addition, the world around you provides a wide variety of things that you can interact with to accomplish the aims of tasks. Dark Riddle is an engrossing single-player adventure game in which you’re tasked with unravelling the mysteries surrounding the game’s central character. Amazing features such as interactive objects, smooth controls, engaging environments and addictive gameplay can be found in this incredible video game!

As a player in this game, you have to come up with an inventive strategy to get into the other player’s home. To learn more about the city, talk to the other interesting characters you come across and take use of their local expertise. You must use your detective abilities to solve each unique item’s mystery.

In other words, just like in any other game, there are a lot of premium items and special powers that are hidden away in the free edition. Achieving higher levels, on the other hand, will net you some extra things, but this will take a long time. In order to progress through the game’s levels, you must solve the puzzles and decipher the clues left by your neighbours in the allotted time period. It’s easier to complete the stages because there are so many products to pick from. Unless you approach their home with greater foresight than your neighbours, you risk being discovered and losing valuable time and money on missions. There are a tonne of intriguing and distinct missions to choose from in this game, so you’ll never get bored. Make an effort to acquire new talents from different parts of the city that can aid in the detection of abnormal sounds whenever possible.

The dark riddle game’s primary currency is Gold Apple, which can be used to purchase a wide range of in-game products, including supply packs, weaponry, Traps, and Bullets.
There are a plethora of consumables to pick from, such as Bullets, Batteries, Toy Guns, Nippers, CrioBlasters, and many more.

If you open SkinBoxes, you’ll get access to exclusive skins that can be used to change the appearance of goods without altering their functionality.
There is room for improvement in the game’s sound effects and graphics, both of which are now of a mediocre level.

For Android smartphones and tablets, Dark Riddle is without a doubt the most tough Android riddle game that will immerse you in a captivating plot.
Bugs are always being fixed and new material is often being added, which keeps the game fresh and fun to play.

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