[MODDED] Dangerous Fellows: your Thriller Otome game MOD 1.24.6 (Unlimited Rubies/Clues/Tickets)

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Requirements5.1 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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Unlimited Rubies/Clues/Tickets

Dangerous Fellows:your Thriller Otome game Description

When we were confronted by an actual zombie apocalypse, all we could think of was how to get away from it. People were there to help you when you needed them, but you had no idea who they were. Despite the scariness of the past, the storey starts to grow new dimensions Lawrence, Ethan, Harry, and Zion all have distinct personalities and are beginning to be drawn to each other even more now Go through many emotional experiences in school, change into inexpensive clothes and see how much time has elapsed.

The developers have brilliantly created the story of love and friendship to create a sense of newness. When you start this game, you will enter into an unknown world plagued by chaos after humanity is threatened with an outbreak from a deadly virus that no one knows about. The only people remaining are five charming boys who want your attention – but can they really be trusted? You’re also in danger because these zombies keep attacking, so when those attractive guys show up out of nowhere and save your day it’s hard not to feel like there might be more going on than meets the eye! How do we know if this school is actually safe for us or has some creepy secrets hidden away within its walls?

Dangerous Fellows has done an amazing job with their graphics. The system of characters in the game is very detailed and as a player, you will easily get immersed into every decision your character makes because it’s so interactive. Sound also plays a big part in this game too – I loved how they made sure there was just enough music to keep me on track but not overwhelm my senses or make the action seem less important than what had been happening before that point!

You might feel that you have seen this game before. I mean there are tons of zombie games on PlayStore but I bet this one is different. It has a unique twist where the main story is not only saving the world from those pesky zombies but also the love life of the main character. The main character will always be confused among five guys and you need to make decisions on which is the best. You really need to be very cautious with your decisions since your decisions may prove disastrous. A certain level of logical decision is required to progress faster in this game. You may get bored at times though while playing this game but trust me if you play it till the end you will really feel that it was worth it.

There were no logical inconsistencies in the main story of the game. I would also like to appreciate the developers as the story is very realistic in many ways. You don’t get to see such efforts these days when the primary motive to game development is money. The anime style characters and the great story line makes you feel as if you are watching a manga series straight from Japan. I know people will still call the game boring and I do understand that but you really need to have an artistic viewpoint to appreciate the game for what it is.

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