[MODDED] Crafty Candy Blast MOD (Free Shopping)

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DeveloperOutplay Entertainment Ltd
Requirements4.4 and up
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Crafty Candy Blast is an android puzzle game developed by Outplay Entertainment Ltd that you can download and play on your Android computer.


Candice, the candy fairy, is dreaming of the finest confections. Assemble candies and overcome obstacles to fulfil your sweet tooth and help your magical Cat Cookie! Enjoy hundreds of enjoyable, confectionary-filled levels with a variety of objectives – Sugary sodas are crushed, gummy sweets are collected, and delectable gobstoppers are crushed!


It’s simple to play! To collect matching candies, tap and blast them. Four or more candies combine to create a strong magical boost that instantly clears a large number of candies! Combining matching boosts results in the development of new, more intense blasts. Create your Win Streak and begin blasting; a delightful adventure awaits!


– Simple to pick up and play whenever you need a little treat!

– Kill candies in order to solve puzzles!

– Tap matching candies to explode them, causing additional candies to rush to take their place.

– Combine more candies simultaneously to make more potent and delectable boosters!

– Each step opens up exciting strategic possibilities and surprising twists and turns!

– Take on the role of Candice or Trixie, the candy witches!

– Assume various level categories.

– Do you need assistance? That is why boosters exist!

– Increase your level and earn prizes such as boosters and infinite lives!

– Win multiple levels in a row and begin with level boosts

– Participate in delectable limited-time activities!

-Collaborate with your friends and other players – it’s a simple way to win free!


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