[MODDED] Crafty Candy Blast MOD 1.46 (Free Shopping)

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DeveloperOutplay Entertainment Ltd
Requirements4.4 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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Crafty Candy Blast – Sweet Puzzle Game Description

Crafty Candy Blast is the sweetest and most exciting game around! Tap matching candies to collect them, four or more makes a rocket for an even sweeter blast. You can combine different rockets together for new blasts that will clear your screen of all those pesky sugary treats in no time at all. You should try to win while you enjoy the magical spells as you venture on this fun adventure with Candice & Trixie’s cute cat Cookie bursting delicious sweets along the way full of colorful candy goodness waiting to be enjoyed!

You get a thrilling experience as you blast your way to victory with Crafty Candy. With many exciting levels, you’ll be on a mad dash for candy greatness. Can you match the candies and create powerful combos? Mixing different types of items will help power up your rockets more quickly than usual. Blast those right out of sight in this game that never gets old, no matter how long it’s been since last time!
You’ll have an intuitive grasp on solving puzzles as soon as you start playing – not just because they’re easy but also thanks to the game’s friendly tutorial system which lets players learn from their mistakes without getting stuck or struggling too much before finding success (and congratulating themselves).

You’re will have a fun time as you play this game. Keep playing and you’ll soon be able to play even better. Level up and win rewards like boosts, unlimited lives, limited-time events with sweet prizes for completing them.

As you progress through the levels, it seems like their is an endless supply of different types of candies to play with. Like bubble gum and jelly beans that make a satisfying popping noise when they are popped in this puzzle adventure game for kids who love sugar pops! But don’t play too many at once as your stomach might hurt(just kidding, please don’t take it seriously).

The developer had really worked well on the graphics of the game. Playing Crafty Candy Blast is a fun, colorful and relaxing experience. The characters cartoon like and pretty cute in my opinion which makes this game a great fit for kids.
The best part about this puzzle game is that there’s no time limit so you can take your sweet old time solving it (pun intended). Each level starts off very easy but gets more difficult as you go along which makes for an entertaining challenge.

I just want to thank the team for making such an awesome game for kids. I love this game since it’s very challenging, but there are not many ads which is great because you can enjoy what you’re playing without interruption!

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