[Modded] Cover Strike MOD 1.7.88 (Free Shopping)

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DeveloperFPS Shooter & Action Game
Requirements5.0 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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Cover Strike – 3D Team Shooter Description

Cover strike 3D is a game for FPS lovers, if you are someone who loves playing first-person shooting games then you will definitely love this game. This game is simple and easy to play. You can play the game wherever you want to and have fun. FPS games give you the feel of being in a real battleground and make it very engaging.

The game has different modes that you can explore and play as much as you want. The game is really very well optimized and there are no lags whatsoever. Since it is a shooting game quick actions are a requirement and you can’t be slow in reacting to situations that require immediate action. This game also helps you to improve your decision-making because a lot of times you will be stuck in difficult situations and you will have no time, your quick decision-making skills will develop right here.

Being a soldier, your decisions should not only be quick but also very efficient, it’s your duty to make decisions that are best for the entire team. This game requires you to be selfless and not selfish because leaders always think in the interest of society. However, don’t forget to take care of yourself because according to John Nash from ‘A Beautiful Mind’ movie the best results come only when you play both for your team and yourself.

Co-ordination is also a very important factor in order to win games like these. You absolutely need to have strong coordination among your teammates so that you can attack or defend yourselves really well. This will further prevent casualties and make your bond stronger. It is a 3D game and the graphics are quite acceptable as well. Another strong point about this game is that you can play it offline i.e you do not require an active internet connection for this multiplayer game, this certainly is the coolest thing about this game. The game is really light and does not consume too much of resources therefore you can play it on any device and there is no such prerequisite for hardware resources.

Cover Strike offers a lot of different maps that you can play on, each of these maps are strikingly very different in all aspects and therefore you do not get bored of similar map settings, being a shooting game, it has a lot of different guns on offer. Some of them are Desert Eagle, AK47, AWM, Gatlin, and M4A1.

It also has a lot of skins on offer that you can buy from and since this is a modded version, you will have unlimited money so that you can buy anything you want and not feel restricted. Strategy is also an important factor and it does matter a lot. You will have to make proper strategies in order to dominate your enemies.

If you don’t know how to build a great strategy, you can read some articles and the most important is practice, you will have to apply all that you have ever learned so that you can achieve exceptional results. The controls of the game are fairly easy and intuitive. The game also allows other customizations, you can change the way your character looks and also change the appearance of your guns.

I really enjoyed this game since it is very realistic and full of excitement. However, you should include additional firearms such as shotguns and more explosive weapons, and instead of pushing the fire button, there should be a button for scope instead of pressing it. Shotguns such as the SK12, Kar 98K, and AWM. A loadout should be available. In order for us to be able to adjust the layout. There should be an option to play with other people via the internet.

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