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COSMIC WARS: THE GALACTIC BATTLES is amazing game to play. It’s classified as an RTS with some strategic elements which is set in outer space and involves building troop ships that you take into battle against other armies. The way your battleship looks will be up to what you design it like; there are no restrictions on creativity or rules so long as they’re calculated carefully enough!

The game is a space simulator in which players must design and assemble their own battleships out of various components that can be unlocked by using gold or materials. This means meticulously strategizing your ship’s offense, defense, and creativity to give the player an opportunity for survival against other ships!

Mastering the controls of a battleship can be a challenge, but not if you know what to do. You will need to equip skills that suit your ship and keep an eye on how much damage it takes during battle while using auto mode so that enemies take more shots than you! The galaxy is full of missions for all types of players with over 60 different ones waiting out there just for you to explore them in search for treasure or whatever else catches your fancy. Along the way, unlock mercenary crews who specialize in certain areas which makes navigating combat easier whether against other ships or bosses from across galaxies!

Coming to the graphics in the game follow a classic 2D design. Scenes are extremely detailed and it has an 90s feel to them but they have been modified by the developer to suit modern standards. The context of the game is based on humanity’s future post-apocalyptic world, with modern development leading us into space exploration as we search for another planet to live peacefully on. This allows players like myself can appreciate all aspects needed such as building out their new worlds intricately without any compromise or detail being overlooked – you can see how truly talented these developers are when constructing something so delicate yet unique that would be unresolvable if not done right!

This is one of the phenomenal games I have been waiting for this year.

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