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DeveloperUTPlus Interactive Inc.
Requirements4.4 and up
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With the advancement of the new 4.0 age, technology has become increasingly prevalent in human life. As a result, the science fiction genre is gaining popularity. Many people are unable to sit still and appreciate the beautiful techniques and vibrant sound. As can be seen, this is based on a number of well-known popular films, including the Star Wars series, The Avengers, and Avatar, among others, and the game is no exception.


The game will immerse players in an unprecedented journey as a fiercely wanted fugitive traversing the cosmos in charge of a space battleship. Combat other warships and explore other worlds in search of a chance to live in the after-world. Developed by UTPlus Interactive Inc., a well-known Android game developer due to their previous game product “Shadowblood,” which featured a unique 3D graphic design with traditional role-playing gameplay but earned a slew of positive feedback from game critics, demonstrating the developer’s game design ability and also providing hope for their future products. While it is still in production, “COSMIC WARS: THE GALACTIC Fight” has already delighted players with a brief trailer introducing the game, and the gameplay has garnered considerable interest and registration.

Therefore, hurry up and register in advance of the game to explore life in a post-apocalyptic future.

The brief trailer for COSMIC WARS: THE GALACTIC BATTLE hints at the game’s gameplay in the genre of strategy combined with construction; this is a novel mix that the developer wants players to encounter. The player assumes the role of a notorious wanted criminal who operates his own spaceship and from there builds and recruits additional troops to upgrade his battleship in order to fight and survive interstellar wars. The way your battleship is built is entirely up to the player’s imagination. There is no requirement to adhere to any regulation, but players must exercise caution while calculating. Additionally, you must demonstrate a high level of ingenuity and prudence in balancing offensive and defensive skills in order to give him a chance to live. As seen in the trailer, all of the game’s warships are enormous, with numerous parts, weapon compartments, and armour combining to produce a powerful warship. Players will unlock additional parts, as well as arms and armour compartments, by assembling or capturing enemy warships with gold and materials. After completing their own warship, the player will be required to fly around the galaxy and engage in space combat with other battleships. Throughout the combat, the two battleships will automatically fire several shells, and the player will only need to use the skills fitted to his battleship to deal with the enemy’s massive damage. There are over 60 distinct missions that must be spread evenly throughout the galaxy’s regions, and all players need to do is discover them all. Throughout the adventure, players can add more mercenary rents to their squad to boost their strength and abilities, as well as unlock additional weapon compartments. On the other hand, if the player’s battleship is destroyed, the player will be forced to wait for repairs.


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