[Modded] Clone Armies MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Unlimited Money

Clone Armies: Tactical Army Game Description

I am sure many of you reading the post have already played a war game or two. This is one of the most interesting genres in my opinion.

If any of you have played Clone Armies you already know that the game has two teams: Red and Blue. You will really feel like you are in an actual war. There will be machine guns, fighter helicopters, rocket launchers, armored tanks and many more. You will have to make your own strategies to defeat your opponents. The game really is not as easy as it seems. The graphics of the game may feel cartoonish but it is much more mature in its gameplay. You will also get option to upgrade your existing weapons and combat vehicles. You should aim to collect as many rewards as possible during the wars and use the collected resources efficiently to upgrade your existing weapon arsenal.

If you lose in the wars then the levels will restart and you will have to use a different strategy to win the game. You also might need to look at what you are lacking in, maybe its your weapons, or the number of armies, or maybe your strategy is at fault. You need to correctly identify the problem and make necessary corrections to win the game.

What is also interesting about the game is that the game spans over multiple eras. So in one match you might have to fight with the oldest and most archaic weapons while in the other you might be fighting with one of the most bleeding age weapons. However, one thing to keep in mind that your opponent team will also fight with the same era weapons. Hence you don’t gain any unfair advantage. You still need to use strategies, keep your weapons and upgraded and all the things which you normally do.

The AI of the game is well enough and there will be many occasions where you will have a really tough time defeating it. However, it was not to demotivate you. With enough preparations you can definitely defeat it. Coming to the graphics of the game. As I said earlier it is cartoonish but I will add some more points to it. All the elements in the game ranging from the weapons to the characters have details enough to say that the developers had done a pretty awesome job in terms of design. The sound effects are war-like and you will really feel that you are in an actual war as you play it. You need to use your headphones to get the most out of it. One thing which I would like to mention is that sometimes the game crashes completely and I have checked I really don’t have any problem with my phone. However, if you also face the same issue please report it to the developers.

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