[Modded] Ball Blast MOD 1.88 (Unlimited Coins)

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Requirements5.0 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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Unlimited Coins

Ball Blast Description

Ball Blast is a game all about quick reflexes. Color blocks will start to break and you get points for each block broken, but if any of those color blocks make it past the line at the bottom then your time in this round has ended. It’s easy enough to understand, so what are you waiting for?

The color balls will be numbered according to the number of levels that you are in. And it also decides the difficulty of this game because it will take longer to destroy the bigger balls. For example, at level 1, only one shot is needed for each ball so there’s no need to worry about time running out or getting stuck on a difficult level – but as soon as your rank goes up and becomes more challenging with three shots per ball required (level 2), then things start heating up! As an extra incentive if you can get past 6-7 rounds within ten minutes without taking any lives then you will have extra missiles added to your cannon. It helps in clearing the levels easily.

This game is a 2D game. And it means that its graphics are down-to-earth. The balls range in size from small to big and they’re just different colors – no shading or anything, but the backgrounds have pastel coloring with subtle design elements for an attractive look without being too flashy or distracting. Since the game has a static background and it might be boring at times, the game has a number of backgrounds that you could use to make your experience a tad better.

The bounce of the ball when hitting the ground will make you feel satisfied, not like some games where there’s always something going wrong on screen! Plus every time coins fall out when the balls burst it makes the game even more fun to play. With the coins collected, you can buy new cannons which are more powerful and will help in easily bursting the balls.

As you progress in the game your hand-eye coordination gets better and you are able to move the canon precisely, saving it from balls. With the improvement of your coordination, the difficulty of the levels also increases but you don’t need to worry since there are no new surprises. Also, your brain gets familiar with the environment which makes it even easier. Humans have the knack of getting used to situations and it greatly helps in this game.

The sound effects are also cool enough and complement the gameplay in every possible way. There are also silence or vibration modes which are perfect if you are not playing this game at your home. It is also good for children as they will have a fun time playing the game. One interesting fact that I recently came to know about this game is the fact that the earlier version of the game didn’t have any sound effects. There was not any background music as well. It certainly did annoy a fair number of users and they complained about it aggressively to the developers. Thankfully, the developers listened and added sound effects as well as background music. However, the music and sound effects distract you and worsen your performance. I tend to keep it mute.

This game is a great way to spend some time when you’re bored. It’s not too easy or difficult, but the levels do get progressively harder as you go on which makes it that much more rewarding for completing each one!


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