[MODDED] Airport PRG MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Unlimited Money

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Are you someone who loves planes and airports? If yes then the game that we will be introducing you to will not only let you own a plane but also an airport. Besides completing your fascination of planes and airports this game will give you the opportunity to become extremely rich.

The game we are talking about is none other Airport PRG mod APK. This game gives you a vivid experience of owning an airport, the perks, the daily issues and challenges that you will face on a daily basis. The game lets you go through each of the events that take place in the life of an airport owner. The player will be able to do a lot of things in this game. At the very first, you will simply have a small plane and a very small grassy runway. This will seem like a terrible start, and it honestly is like that, however, you need to understand that all the successful businesses you have ever seen had to start small and there is absolutely nothing that you can do about it.

Establishing any business requires a lot of efforts and patience. You will also have to be ready to face losses because making a business profitable is essential and hard as well. The first few flights will not earn much for you. You will hardly earn some coins and some EXP or experience. However, a higher EXP will make things better for you in the long run. This will help you earn more money that can be used for different purposes like upgrading planes, or upgrading the airport systems etc.

The player will have to make sure that the planes are in a good condition because any kind of reluctance in this area will cost lives and no one wants that, moreover, any crashes due to improper maintainence will harm your reputation and will also result in legal action. Carrying passengers safely and punctually should be your goal, money will follow so you don’t need to worry. Any profit that you would make will have to be utilized in a proper systematic way, you can have huge amounts of money but if you don’t use it properly for scaling the business, then you might get into a lot of trouble. Suppose if you make a runway for multiple planes before buying a new plane then it isn’t a very sensible thing.

Airport PRG is a game that is based on the Prague Airport in the time of 1937-1947, it is certainly a blast from the past. You might feel like flying new planes and jets that are fully equipped and automatic, however, back in the days there were less electronics involved and things were manual or semi automatic, it will give you the feeling of nostalgia and you will get to learn a lot of things of the aviation history which in itself seems quite rewarding. The player will also have to fulfill the duties of an Air Traffic Controller, here you will have to direct the planes on where to land if the landing is possible, when to take off and everything about the weather.

With all the money you earn, you qill have to invest in more complex systems and hire more staff so that the airport runs smoothly and efficiently. Airport PRG mod APK gives you the freedom to explore everything without any limitations. Besides all these the game doesn’t have any ads which is a boon for the players. The 3D graphics of the game is also quite nice and the gameplay is very satisfying as well.

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