[MODDED] Adventure Escape Mysteries MOD (Unlimited Keys)

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DeveloperHaiku Games
Requirements4.4 and up
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Unlimited Keys

Adventure Escape Mysteries Description

The story of Adventure Escape Mysteries starts as Princess Nimue’s quest to save her people is not an easy one. She must fight countless foes and solve challenging puzzles, all in order to return peace back into the Kingdom of Lumnia. Along with learning a variety of magical spells that help her on this journey such as seeing through walls or super-size plants, she will have many decisions to make throughout the story which can either hinder or aid her progress.

You will have a chance to solve a murder mystery. Play as Detective Kate Gray and walk in her shoes as you investigate a mysterious murder.<br> Interrogate suspects, explore the scene of the crime for clues, interrogate witnesses to reveal their secrets — all while making your way through an intriguing story with unique characters that will keep you guessing until the end!

Solve one of ten mysteries by playing detective in this immersive game where every detail matters.

There is also a adventure named Dark Ruins. In Dark Ruins, a team of archaeologists crash-land in the jungle and rediscover an ancient, cursed city. They’re quickly swept into 500 year old mystery that could flood our entire planet again but this time with science AND magic all mixed up together! Can these heroes outlast one night and save us all or will they go mad when faced with their deepest fears? What –or who– must be sacrificed for them to make it back home alive?!

Do you think you can help unearth some secrets from deep within history before disaster strikes (and we get ourselves flooded)?

Sometimes it’s hard to know where or what the answer is. There are no clues and all of your deductive reasoning has been for naught, but now you’re just about ready to give up and head home after a long day at work when suddenly from out of nowhere there appears an escape room game!
Buckle down because there are hell lot of puzzles in Adventure Escape Mysteries and there are good to solve challenge right before bedtime. It’ll take every ounce of cunning that you have left in order break through these puzzles so if we were talking on the phone I’d ask “are you still with me?” The stakes couldn’t possibly be any higher as time ticks away – can YOU solve these puzzles? Try them by downloading the game.

Adventure Escape has been played by tens of millions of people and is the best escape room game, according to critics.

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