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DeveloperThreye: Military Games
Requirements4.1 and up
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Ace Commando Description

Ace Commando mod apk is a stealth shooter game that will simply blow your mind away. Don’t look at the number of installs since it is going to be one of the hottest shooter games on PlayStore. What makes it unique is its storyline that will make this game unforgettable for anyone who decides to play it.

There are several missions in the game and they are perfectly fitted into the main story. There are many different characters in the game as well and their characters develop as you progress in the game. The characters are so realistic that it makes you feel that you are right in their world. However, the visuals of the game might be disturbing for some but there is nothing absolutely gruesome. Many other titles have much more cruel scenes than this one. The fact is that many of the scenes are inspired by war movies and you will get hints of it as you play it. While it may be boring at times to see the same scenes you have seen in famous Hollywood movies, they have taken care of every small detail. It is such a pleasant surprise to see smaller game developing companies are putting in such an effort.

There are AI-driven enemies in almost every mission. Although, the enemies are not smart enough yet, I hope they will improve upon it. Since it is a small game company they were not able to train their AI on large datasets which resulted in a poor experience. However, the weapons that they have included in the game are awesome and you will be amazed at how easily they could be used. You can fire continuously if you want with the tap of a button. This is something which I don’t like personally very much but it is great for newbies. There is also a recoil button and here your skills will come into play. You need to be lightning-fast otherwise you will lose the mission.

Many bonus missions are there in the game which perfectly integrates with the main storyline. These bonus missions have huge rewards and you should not miss them. It also adds a bit of depth to the primary characters. The developers of the game had promised that they will add more such missions which give you one more reason to play this game. The bonus missions will lead you to many interesting boss fights. Boss fights are usually tougher than your usual missions and you will have to enhance your skills to defeat them. They will usually beat the heck out of you. You can also purchase some weapon upgrades from the marketplace. These are completely optional and with the right set of skills and weapon, you could defeat them easily.

There are many different locations that you could play in this game. While they have fictional names you could actually sense the actual names if you were a good student at High School. Locations include the borders of Mexico, Vietnam, Italy, and much more. The locations have been designed beautifully which speaks volumes about the game.

You will not be bombarded with ads in this game. Although sometimes they do popup unexpectedly at times, it is still better than a lot of other games. You also have the option to watch video ads to get more powerful weapons. I have not encountered any glitch in Ace Commando and our modded version is also free of any such problems. Feel free to enjoy it and let us know in the comments section how you felt about it.

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