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You are given a primordial creature at the beginning of each level, from which all other species will evolve in accordance with your decisions during the game. It is possible to select different species such as dinosaurs or mammals to represent these early Earth dwellers either by tapping on their photographs with one finger or by pushing on their images to get additional information before making a choice. When you’re ready, simply press a random animal’s egg symbol and watch as it hatches into something completely different within seconds — however every time will be absolutely different because there’s no way of knowing what stage the next generation will be in before it happens.

When you touch on one of the creatures in this environment, a menu may appear, revealing some hidden treasure or an egg that can be purchased! The greater the number of eggs and creatures you have roaming around your farm, the greater the likelihood that something positive will occur when you tap around. But keep in mind that patience pays off—if everything else fails, simply wait patiently till time marches on on its own (pun intended) and awards players with money that they may spend as they like.

As a result of the development of human civilisation, we have witnessed incredible technical advancement. The first stage is that of a foetus in its embryonic phase, which provides protection from external influences while also placing the foetus in total reliance on others for existence. It then moves on to a person’s survival skills, which they must master before engaging with their society; after all, what good can you do on your own? At the end of the spectrum, there are people who find themselves at war with society or who just desire something greater than they can get from it. Transformation holds promise for them as a means of navigating this new era of human history.

The game’s graphic design is basic, yet engaging, and the soundtrack is one of the greatest I’ve ever heard in a video game. When you get past level 3 or 4, the gameplay becomes much more basic and irritating, but it’s worth sticking around for since that’s when things start to truly take form.

Its distinct graphical style lends it personality, which allows the player to feel a sense of belonging in this new digital environment. Other evolution-type games with such a high level of addictive potential will be difficult to come across! I’m looking forward to future updates since I expect it to have many more levels and obstacles along the road, all of which would be a lot of fun to finish.

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