[GOD] I Am Monster: Idle Destruction MOD (GOD Mode)

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I Am Monster: Idle Destruction Description

Destroying things is pleasant in and of itself, but it is much more so when you get to do so as a monster. The monsters in I am a Monster Game are well-known for being both adorable and terrifying at the same time, whether it’s a blue dinosaur with large red eyes or an extraterrestrial octopus that can’t keep his wrath under control. One thing they all have in common, though, is a voracious desire for devastation, which they are not afraid to indulge in! It makes no difference if your opponent has claws or energy shields; all you have to do is utilise your might to crush them into oblivion.

Aside from that, there are a plethora of unlockable monsters in this game, none of them are very tough to obtain. As long as you continue to progress through the stages and earn money.

What you can do with the Monster Squad?

In this game, players may establish a Monster Squad, which allows them to boost their abilities by orders of magnitude because there are so many different creatures. By eliminating and defeating more enemies, they each get more stronger. Goriko, for example, is one of those characters whose stats, such as maximum health or damage skill, are completely up to them. Additionally, there are pets modelled on other monsters, such as Cosmo, whose growth takes place over time by feeding him dead remnants after bouts against foes. ‘Arctica’ is a significant member of the group.

Graphics and Display

Thanks to this 3D immersive game with realistic graphics like no other which can help you to kill a lot of time! You can smash your way through obstructions by destroying buildings or vehicles as well as using turrets and land mines for those hard-to break down structures – all while leaving an unforgettable path of destruction behind you wherever you go!

Together with your pals, assemble the ultimate monster team!

Overall, the game isn’t that difficult to play when compared to the difficulty of an io game. What it’s trying to say is that certain mechanisms allow something that’s easy to imagine but not like, to work in this way. When you begin the game, you will assume the form of a monster that you previously picked. In the end, you’ll find yourself in a massive city, where you’ll be destroying everything in your path. The more goods that are destroyed, the larger and more powerful the monsters will get.

Six distinct monsters from which you may select and grow into the most powerful beast ever created by mankind are available. There are a number of abilities that these monsters have that are recorded in an index called Skill Damage. Greater structures will be demolished and harmed as the player progresses, as well as more strength to fight the Bosses when they do.

This is one of the best monster games out there, but it quickly becomes tedious because the monsters are so simple to defeat and they all look the same. High-level challenges are also needed to keep players on their toes, especially those who have previously mastered lesser levels.

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