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Family Hotel: Renovation & love story match-3 game Description

Family Hotel: a plot-driven match-3 game with new mechanics, memorable characters and exciting side-quests. Build a hotel of your dreams and enjoy romantic story happening in front of your eyes! You are going to turn a run-down countryside manor into a lovely hotel for your family. You will design the rooms, organize receptions and make sure everyone is happy here!
More than 130 room designs to choose from; Plenty of side quests with fun rewards;

The game features more than 100 levels in four worlds: forest, seaside resort town, ancient city and mountain ski lodge. Levels are unlocked as you progress through the story. As soon as one level is solved another one unlocks automatically – so it’s possible to play endlessly without feeling bored or stuck on a certain puzzle.

With every new level players gain access to new characters (drawn by famous artists), different types of tasks and special bonuses which they can use strategically during gameplay.

Work alongside Emily and Max, the unusual duo behind the Family Hotel. When the co-managers first meet, the hotel is in a state of complete disrepair. They set out to renovate the place and build it up again with your help! Family Hotel has 130 room designs to choose from: country, modern, winter. Plenty of side quests with fun rewards;

Replace the worn-out fountain, add new furniture to the lobby, and even paint the walls;
Play at your own pace – there’s no time limit or timer. Learn more about each of the characters in the Family Hotel and their animated story.

Emily’s always been an optimist, but Max is a pessimist. At first they disagree on everything until the hotel starts to turn around.

After renovating one room, both of them work together to rebuild it all! The two managers decide that no matter what happens in life now, they’ll be there for each other. After all, family is more than blood relation: it’s about people who care for you when things get tough. This game has something for everyone with its uplifting message of friendship and teamwork! Play today–you won’t regret it!

The exterior of the hotel is stunning, with an eye for detail that will make you feel like a character in your own story. When playing this game, players are not only immersed into their surroundings as they explore and meet various other characters but also given plenty of opportunity to express themselves through creative gameplay options such as decorating rooms or cooking meals! The graphics may be old-fashioned at first glance but just look closer: behind those dilapidated walls stands colorful furniture waiting to break free from years spent rotting away while outside take advantage of all the scenic views on offer before deciding where next to go because it’s up to YOU what happens in this game.

This game is so much fun and all of the levels are easy to play. When I get a message, it’s like real life messaging as you need to choose what your next reply will be with each different situation that pops up in front of me. The one thing I love about this app though? Taking my photo! It just looks amazing on my phone screen because they’re finally making games where people can take pictures inside them instead of using some weird background from google images or something else random only for that purpose.

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