[UNLOCKED] Fantastic Pets: Merge & Evolve MOD 1.0.53 (Unlimited Purchases)

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Requirements5.0 and up
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Fantastic Pets: Merge & Evolve MOD APK Description

We all have played different types of game in our childhood but have never played a game in which there we have to drag and match them and game will continue as it is. In this game, there is a hurry to win the game and defeat the opponent but in this game we have to play freely without taking any tension and play it with a calm nature and enjoy the game while playing it. The game is Fantastic Pets: Merge and Evolve.

This game is very different from other games as it is very much interesting and we have to do different things every day in the game. The game is very beautiful and specially it is a simulator game. The developers of the game are very much active for the game because when the user’s are writing the review there are trying to solve the bugs and problems as soon as possible and keep the entertainment alive in the game.

As from the name we can only that it something kind of clicking game in which we have to match and merge and when we do the that thing the character evolves and we get a step closer to winning the game. There are large variety of objects which are present in the game which we have to merge like trees, mushroom, eggs , homes, flowers, stars, treasures and much more things like that. You have also the feature to design your own city in the game.

The things you will win the game can also be sold when you want to by which you can get different useful items like magic eggs, dragon gems, chests and many more things which will be useful in the game. There are different challenges in the game which are of different levels and have different wonders and gifts awaiting for you.

The story of the game is something like that there was a city known as Fantasia which was a very beautiful city but later it was cursed by the witches and you have to save the city and again make it a Wonderland so that the character’s living there can enjoy it. You have to just simply drag the elements and merge it with the same element so that it will be superior than before the merging. The game is one of it’s kind and a very peaceful game to play.

There are something’s which can’t be unlocked but you can unlock them using real money and buying it there only. The important feature of the game is that it is available in the App Store and Play Store for free so it is available to everyone in the world. The graphics of the game are okish type and can be customised to a much better extent and also the sound effects of the game are okish type and can be customised to a much better extent. The colors are vibrant and colorful and also the controls of the game are easy to use and manuver.

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