[UNLIMITED] Doodle Jump MOD APK 3.11.20 (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperLima Sky LLC
Requirements4.4 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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Doodle Jump (Unlimited Money) MOD APK Description

“Doodle Jump” is a game about jumping that is both fun and hard to stop playing. It has hand-drawn, likeable characters and leaderboards that have been put together with skill.

You will be in charge of a cute little alien with four legs and the name “Doodler.” Your job will be to help him bounce a piece of paper from one place to another on an endless series of platforms without falling, all while trying to shoot bad guys and avoid random obstacles.

The controls are easy to understand, and all the player has to do to move our little alien friend forward and get more points is tilt the game a little to the left or right.

“Doodle Jump” is a game that anyone can learn in a few minutes at most. Jumping will continue to be done automatically for the player, and they will keep going up a vertical screen with an infinite scroll. If you make a mistake when you jump and end up at the bottom of the screen, the game is over.

As you move through the game, you’ll come across a variety of hard platforms. Some of these platforms will break apart as you walk across them, while others will move as you walk across them. As the Doodler climbs higher, the challenges become harder, but the boosts, like jetpacks and spring shoes, become more useful.

You can use Doodler’s horned nose, which you can turn on by touching the screen, to kill any aliens or other creatures that get in your way while playing the game. There are many different types of enemies, including ones that don’t move at all, ones that move up and down or side to side, a bird-like creature that chases the player in a direction perpendicular to the top of the screen, and many more.

The game’s creator adds new themes often so that it always looks and feels modern, but the gameplay is always fun. You can also get prizes by doing one of the more than a hundred quests that are available.

Each of the new themes is put into place in a very strong and effective way. There are a few themes that are different, such as Christmas, where power-ups come in the form of gifts, and Space, where Doodler can ride in a number of jetpacks and rockets. Players will also be able to explore other themes, including Ninja, Jungle, and many others. The enemies will look different depending on the theme.

Many interesting and useful items have been added to the game to make it more fun. The coins you collect during the game can be used to buy power-ups and costumes that can change the game and help you get better scores. During the game, players can get things like jet packs, propeller hats, rockets, trampolines, and so on.

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