[Unlimited] Dear My Cat MOD 1.5.7 (Unlimited Rubies)

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DeveloperLike It Games
Requirements6.0 and up
SizeIt varies with device
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Dear My Cat : Relaxing cat game&virtual pet kitty Video


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Unlimited Rubies

Dear My Cat : Relaxing cat game&virtual pet kitty Description

Dear My Cat: Relaxing Cat Game is a game for all the cat lovers out there. It is a sim game where you could own a cat even if you don’t have one in the real world. Cats and dogs are the most famous pets in the world. No other pets come even close to their popularity and that is fascinating in its own way. One of the reasons why I think they are so popular is due to their cuteness. They are extremely cute animals and human bodies love these pets. Also, this game is not limited to cats. You can also own dogs, whales, raccoons, and many other pets which makes it an ideal pet game.

This game is an ideal stress reliever game as you get to see cute cats. Also, the background music chosen by its creators is very relaxing. If you are suffering from too much stress at work or home then you could simply start playing the game. It may seem counterintuitive at first but it really helps. In today’s world, there are very few people who are stress-free and if you are not one of them then you need to play this game. Also, the game has no challenging levels or matches which sometimes puts you under more stress.

It is an endless game where you could continue playing this game as long as you want. Since this game doesn’t require you to do any difficult tasks you could play this game anywhere you want. I am mentioning it because of the fact that many people tend to get irritated over simple things like waiting in a queue, or not seeing their favorite team lose in a match. Although it might seem trivial to you I have some actual people suffering from these issues. Also, it is pretty daunting to be in that situation since most people often don’t understand your problem. This is where Dear My Cat mod apk helps you. It lets your mind relax and lets you escape from your reality for a moment. Cutting back from reality is not ideal all the time but sometimes you need to do that.

You will be on an island known as Sky Island where only you and your pets live. This might be the dream of many of the introverts out there. You could also have as many pets as you want in this game. However, you will have to take care of them too. Don’t take stress though since this game will walk you through all of the steps that you need to take for your pet’s care. Mostly, you will have to take care of the most basic stuff like making sure they have food on time, taking them to the doctor if they are sick, spending time with them, and trying to teach a thing or two. It is supremely interesting and you will not be able to log out of the game once you start playing it.

You can also craft accessories for your pets and gift them. Their reactions are amazing and it is something you definitely should not miss. The creators of the game have beautifully crafted the facial expressions of all the pets and this is what makes this game stand out from the others.

I’ve played a number of games where you start off making a lot of progress and then as you level up, the progress comes to a grinding stop, but not with this one! The game is quite relaxing, and the progress is consistently steady. The only complaint I have is that it might be a little sluggish at times, but that is probably due to the fact that I am using an older phone. I also played it on my newer phone and there it didn’t have any problems.

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