[UNLOCKED] Cooking Tale MOD 5.18.0 (Free Shopping)

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  • Free Shopping

Cooking Tale – Food Games MOD APK Description

Cooking Tale is a game that lets you become a chef and cook hundreds of different dishes. You can also discover amazing restaurants and towns on the map, learn recipes from around the world, and serve super-fun customers on time.

The cooking process is exciting and fun: first you choose your recipe; then you collect ingredients; combine them to make a dish; and finally serve it to your customers. The game has three modes: normal mode, endless mode and endless mode with boss fight. In each mode, you will have different goals and challenges so that it never gets boring!

The graphics are bright and colorful, which makes the game very appealing to kids. The music is also very good because it fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the game!

Cooking Tale is a game that encourages you to explore the world. As you play the game, you will discover amazing restaurants and towns on the map as you play the game. You can also unlock new recipes by cooking dishes for customers and earn stars for your performance in each restaurant.

In Cooking Tale, there are many different kinds of food such as sushi, burgers and hot dogs. As a chef, you need to cook delicious food and make sure that your customers are satisfied with their order. The game offers various challenges such as cooking in limited time, cooking without using any ingredients and cooking without using fire or frying pan.

The game has three modes: Restaurant Mode, Cooking Mode and Decoration Mode.

Restaurant Mode – The main mode of the game which allows you to cook different types of meals for your customers. The number of customers varies according to the type of meal you are serving.

Cooking Mode – Allows you to cook any type of dish without having to worry about serving them.

Decoration Mode – Allows you to decorate your kitchen with new furniture and appliances such as ovens, fridges etc.

Cooking Tale is a game that brings you closer to the world of cooking. You can learn how to cook different dishes, interact with other players and get rewards for your activities.

The game has a simple design, which makes it very easy to use. You have the option to add friends and send gifts to them, which will make them happy.

You can also see their profile page and check their achievements in this game. If you want to know more about them, then you can click on their profile page and see what they have been doing recently.

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