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Idle games are becoming more and more popular among a significant number of mobile players. And one of them is called the Bucket Crusher. It is a game that was published by VOODOO and has recently crossed the threshold of more than one hundred downloads on Google Play. Despite its lack of complexity in terms of either the gameplay or the aesthetics, the game has a lot of attraction. To play, all you have to do is touch and swipe about on the screen. The game’s fundamentals are quite easy to understand. In addition, the game’s vibrant visuals and relaxing soundtrack will ensure that you remain calm throughout the whole experience. What do you think? Have some fun by destroying the structures that stand in your path, and then go on. Let’s learn more about it right now, shall we?

The gameplay consists mostly on moving through a series of stages at your own pace. Your objective throughout each level is to bring down constructions that are constructed using a variety of materials. The more you wreck, the more cash you will accumulate. At the very bottom of the screen that displays your experience, you will notice a pile of the money and gold that you have accumulated. They can be used to improve or unlock certain aspects of a game. The demolition challenges will get increasingly tough over time, necessitating development from the player. At this point, they should consider upgrading their equipment.

There are several distinct kinds of buildings on each level. The objective of the game is to eliminate the joystick that is located in the centre of the screen by just touching it. However, the player chooses the method of destruction. Use your dexterity to skilfully swipe across the screen to spin your wheel and produce one-of-a-kind cracks in the building. Bricks will really “fall” in front of the player’s very eyes when they participate in the game. Additionally, the monetary value will be added to your stock at this time. Everything is the same, but at a level that is always increasing in difficulty. As a consequence of this, the levels in Bucket Crusher truly provide gamers with a limitless supply of ideas.

In the course of time, the structures will expand and become more robust. As a result, players are unable to remain stationary at a certain level indefinitely. They need to improve their machines so that they can generate more destructive power, which will allow them to complete the process of destruction more quickly. To make your thorn cake bigger and more powerful, you just to click on its symbol. In order to achieve that, though, players will have to spend their own money. Therefore, if they do not have sufficient funds, they are only able to upgrade up to a certain limit. Try your best to rack up more coins so you can continue to level up in the future.

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