[Unlimited] Auto Hero: Auto-fire platformer MOD (Unlimited Invulnerability)

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DeveloperAngles Game Studio
Requirements5.0 and up
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MOD Features

Unlimited Invulnerability

Auto Hero: Auto-fire platformer Description

Auto Hero: Auto-fire platformer is a 2D shooting game, that lets you enjoy the shooting genre without any worries, if you love the fiery gun battles with heavy weapons, this game is for you. The game has a great interface that is interactive and easy to play, it is intense and full of action that you won’t like to miss.

The graphics of the game is quite enticing, it carries minor details which makes the game much more engaging to play. Auto hero combines the intense gameplay of bigger games with the auto shoot feature, this means that you will only have to steer and navigate the character while the gun will automatically fire bullets at your enemies, you don’t have to manually do everything, this is the highlight of this game and the feature of auto-firing works flawlessly well. You are a hero and it is your job to save the world from the invaders, get yourself well equipped, and start firing the hell out of your enemies.

The enemies have invaded your kingdom and unfortunately, no one knows that they are well equipped and have great armors as well. The enemies will not come in small numbers, they always attack with a huge group and you will have to be prepared. The enemies will attack you like the group of lions attacking a deer, however, in your case, you will be the lion because you certainly have much more power. Before you attack, you will have to be sure that you don’t attack the innocent, plan well and then execute it in a manner that you don’t lose the battle. The horde of enemies attacking will remind you of a group of ants attacking the leftover food. It is funny and enjoyable at the same time.

There are as many as 150 battle missions to test your skills, so be prepared and even if you commit a mistake, you will have to keep your ignorance aside and rectify it so that you don’t get keep losing the game. The progression of the game is quite similar to our lives, it requires consistent progression in order to become the master of it. Honing up your skills is a mandatory thing, be it your real life or in this game.

The game has a lot of weapons on offer and there are as many as 140 guns in this game, there is a lot of variety and they do have different firing rates as well. You will completely enjoy firing bullets on your enemies, it also offers different firing modes, like a single bullet mode, burst mode, and multiple bullet firing modes where the bullets come out of the gun and spread evenly in the forward and diagonal direction allowing you to injure more and more enemies with lesser firing.

The game can be played in offline mode and you will face no problems while being online as well. You will receive coins and gems as your enemy goes down, these commodities can be exchanged to increase your character’s strength. The more you defeat your enemies, the richer you become, thus allowing you to upgrade your strength more and more. The game is not too heavy and therefore you don’t need advanced hardware to play this game, just download it and enjoy!!!

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