[MODDED] Action Launcher: Pixel Edition Premium (Unlocked)

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  • All Premium Features Are Unlocked!

Action Launcher: Pixel Edition Premium APK Description

We all use many sorts of launcher applications in our phones, such as Nova Launcher, Apple Launcher, and many more, but today I’m going to tell you about a launcher that is a really premium launcher software called Action Launcher: Pixel Edition.

It offers us with a plethora of new features, and the developers are excellent since they take user feedback seriously and aim to include new features into the app as quickly as possible in order to garner user attention, resulting in more downloads. The software not only gives basic home screen functionality, but it also includes several other useful features. There is a function that allows you to alter the colour of the interface; Quicktheme mode allows you to make changes in a couple of seconds.

It also suggests smart widgets for news and fast view widgets to help people engage with their phones more effectively. It has over 10 million downloads on the Play Store and App Store, indicating that it is quite popular among users. This implies that if you want to change your default browser, Action Launcher: Pixel Edition is the ideal choice for your smartphone. To support a range of user duties, the app separates it into numerous displays. Furthermore, it enables a Quick page; to utilise this secondary screen, hold the required programmes and drag them to the correct location.

To obtain the object you want on your screen, the search tool is far faster than the conventional quickdraw in Android. In addition to the foregoing, the quickbar will rapidly display the information you want if you forget or do not want to spend too much time searching for contacts information. The Quick edit option not only allows us to alter the backdrop, but it also resizes the icons automatically.

We don’t have to modify the size of each icon individually, but we can do it with a single click. The icons have also been changed to new hues, making your phone screen more vibrant and simpler to navigate. There is a new function that makes the phone’s wallpaper more interesting and eye-catching. The phone’s operations are reconfigured as a result of the new functionality. The theme changes the colour of everything, so you don’t have to continually changing it manually.

As a result, it will adapt to each theme on your device. Everything else on the phone is likewise sorted according on your demand type for faster searching. Action Launcher is designed for users who value simplicity and want to save time browsing for apps by using a fast drawer to launch them quickly. We use the covers feature to organise and identify programmes by grouping them into folders.

Every time we want to discover them, enter that folder and directly choose the tool you want instead of looking all over the home screen. This fantastic feature ensures that we will have no trouble launching programmes and shortcuts.

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